Friday, May 11, 2012

Every Girl Loves Accessories!

We all know how accessories can absolutely make an outfit.  But how many of us think about accessorizing our homes?  Well, I went around and added some much needed accessories to some items in my house.  It's fun, and you can usually find stuff you already have to add to more stuff you already have!

Flower Pot Necklace

I took some hemp rope and a star fish and made a cute necklace for my daughter's flower pot.  Just wrap, tie, and secure with glue.

Book Belt

I'm pretty sure I haven't worn this belt since high school!  A stack of books and a belt you don't wear creates a cute home accent!

Window Earrings

Typical white blinds get a fun makeover with this tassel ribbon.

Banister Bracelet

Who says garland is only for the holidays!  Dress up your banister with a coordinating ribbon.  I used double-sided tape to hold it in place.  Now if I could only get my little monkey to leave it alone!

Chandelier Shrug
Our big box store lantern is nice, but a little fabric gives it texture and character.

Table Lamp Headband

One boring table lamp plus an old headband creates a chic modern piece.

Yes, this is my Friday night, and I love it!


  1. Your home accessories are so beautiful, I love (want) everything here especially the window roller shutters. And again, you home looks lovely.


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