Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Softer Doggy Cone

Ok, Rocky's probably going to KILL me for putting these pics on the internet of him with a cone on and slightly hopped up on pain meds, but I wanted to share a little tip that my mom came up with for the doggy cone.

Depending on the quality of the dog cone that you get from the vet, the edge can be pretty sharp.  I've actually been scratched by one as an 80 pound dog barrelled through the house!  Also, it can do a number on your walls if that same 80 pound dog gets too close.

To soften up the edge, so to speak, mom just stapled some felt around it.  So easy and cheap, but it really does wonders if you have to force your furbaby to sport one of these awful things.  Mom initially chose white to blend in, but it got dirty outside so she switched to black.  More of a tuxedo look, in my opinion.  Lookin' good, Rocky!


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