Saturday, May 12, 2012

Summer Lemon Monogram Wreath

I love wreaths and I love monograms! My summer wreath combines the two in an easy, lemony wreath.

What you'll need:

One medium twig wreath. I got mine at Walmart for $3.50
12-18 faux lemons, depending on you monogram letter.
9 ft of 2-3 inch ribbon
One bronze wire hanger
Floral wire

First, wrap the ribbon around the wreath.  Secure the ends by poking through the material with the floral wire and wrapping it around a twig. 

Bend the wire hanger into the shape of your letter.  I'm last name starts with "C"!

Thread the wire through the lemons.  The lemons I got at Target are a type of foam, so they were easy to punch through by hand.  If they're harder, you'll need a drill with a small bit and a vice.

Once you have your letter all lemony, place it on the wreath and tie the hanger wire to the twigs with some floral wire.  You may need to glue unruly lemons together to keep them from flipping over.

And you have a summer lemon monogram wreath!

You can also add some summer flowers as embellishment.

And one of Josh's craft projects!

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  1. This is a very cute and fun idea! Also very original! Thanks for sharing:)

    1. Thanks, it was super easy. I think another letter, like A, would look better. My C kinda looks like I lost a few lemons!


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