Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Grandpa Father's Day Printable

I know father's day is mostly focused on daddy's, but let's not forget about all the awesome grandpa's out there!  I know my grandpa was super important to me, especially as a small child.  I made this card for Grandpapa and sent it off yesterday, and I just wanted to share it!
I used light yellow card stock to print it out, and then used blue stamp ink to make hand prints from the kids.  I should have used paint, since the ink didn't show up as well as I wanted it to.

You can get the MS Word document here:

Father's Day Grandpa Printable 2012

Let me know if you can't access the file and I will send it to you via email!


  1. Awesome!! I used this and he smiles SOO big!! :D

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