Friday, July 6, 2012

My Perfect {simple} Day

The Florida sun is shining, and I'm awakened by the sweet sound of my children playing in the other room.  I guess it's about 8am, but I can't be sure without sitting up to see the clock across the room.  I roll over and see *him*.  Tall, handsome *him*.  Sleeping next to Josh doesn't annoy me, he doesn't get in my way, or wake me up.  I close my eyes again.

Getting out of bed slowly is good for the soul, and I can feel every ounce of me coming to life as I carefully ease off the mattress.  Josh is still sleeping.  After a quick wash of my face and teeth, I make my way into Christian's room.  Makenna has crawled into the crib with him and she is gently bouncing on her knees holding his hands.  He looks at her like a she's an angel, and I know she truly is.  Her sweetness and nurturing instincts are one of her many gifts, and I am often in awe that God has chosen me to be her mother.  It intimidates me.

Noticing I'm in the doorway, they jump up, eager for hugs and kisses.  I help Makenna over the rail, put Christian on my hip, and head downstairs.  I decide to make waffles with fruit and whip cream for breakfast.  I carefully make a crown of strawberries and blueberries on Makenna's waffle, and a smiley-face on Christians.  She giggles, and he quickly smashes his mound of whip cream with his hands.  Makenna giggles more.  Josh stumbles down the stairs and we have a slow, easy breakfast together.

After breakfast, we get dressed and head into the backyard, not even bothering to do the dishes.  They can wait until nap time.  The kids run through the porch and out into the green grass.  The smell of early summer hits me, and I take a moment to appreciate the mild weather before the heat of July arrives.  The gentle breezes will soon be replaced with stifling stillness.  Rocky follows the kids out, doing the boxer run only the way he can.  He doesn't act like a dog that has weeks to live, and I forget that he will soon be gone.  For now, I just enjoy his loving nature and the way he carefully licks Christian's face.

I sit on the patio with my sweet tea, curling my legs up on the couch.  Josh turns on some music, and starts filling up the baby pool with the hose.  I have a hard time not smiling as I watch him father our babies.  I lost my father at a young age, and I'm often amazed by his gentleness with them.  I make my way over, put my feet in the pool, and pretend to be surprised when I get splashed.  Christian's diaper is full of water, and but he doesn't seem to notice as he waddles around.

The afternoon naps give me a minute to get the house in order, dishes done, and outdoor toys put up.  I also get a few minutes on the computer working on my blog, and touching on any projects I have in the works.  The focus I feel during my projects helps me to gain a moment for me in my day of caring for my family.

It's straight to the bath to wash dinner off of Christian, and Makenna follows me up the stairs, always just behind my ankles.  Bath time is fun at their age, and I know soon enough Makenna will decide that she no longer wants to bathe with little brother, so I try to enjoy these simple minutes we have together in the evening.  After Christian is clean and dry, we sit and play with the toys that have made there way out of the tub.  Makenna continues to play as I finish up washing her.
Josh comes up the stairs just in time to brush Makenna's hair (which I think he secretly loves to do!), and I know he's been downstairs cleaning up dinner.  I appreciate it way more than he knows.

After a thousand kisses, I put Christian in his crib.  He's tired from the day out in the sun, and quickly surrenders to sleep as I rub his back, his little legs tucked under his belly and his cute little butt in the air.  I read a book with Makenna, tuck her in, and kiss her goodnight.

My perfect day ends with a long, warm bubble bath and snuggling on the couch with Josh.  We talk about the day, about the kids, about how wonderfully simple life can be, and we're off to bed.  I pray, give thanks to God for all I have, and hope to have another perfect {simple} day tomorrow!

"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."
Joshua 24:15


  1. I don't think you could have described your perfect day any better! Sounds wonderful!

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