About Me

Hello!  My name is Jamie.  I'm a young(ish) Florida mom with a little family of my own.  I'm a Christian, and I'm trying my best to live like Jesus wants me to.  Family is the most important thing to me, and I want to make a cozy, beautiful, comforting, lived-in, fun home for my husband and my two children to enjoy for many, many years.
We are currently in the process of buying our first home, and I'm so excited that I have started a blog about it before we've actually closed.  I've always been a great planner, so planning I am.

I like to do things that are...well, easy.  I'm not very artistically gifted, but I try really hard to make things pretty and functional.  Give me a can of spray paint and a glass of wine on a Friday night, and I'm a happy camper.
A little more about me...

Things I love:
1.  Jesus
2.  My family
3.  Brownies
4.  Almost anything pink
5.  Math (weird, right?)
6.  The beach
7.  My engagement ring
8.  Great lighting
9.  Wedding dresses
10. Dogs
11. Coupons
12. The smell of coconut

Things I don't love:
1.  Dust
2.  Computers that don't work (grrr)
3.  Filling up the gas tank of my SUV
4.  The taste of coconut


  1. Hey Jamie. I just started following your blog and love all of your ideas. From one new blogger to another, I am nominating you for "The Versatile Blogger". Please stop by my blog to check out the award. I look forward to following you in the future.

    Kimberly @ mypinterestreality.com

  2. Sorry Jamie but here's the updated link to where your award can be found:



  3. reliable and complete information on their part.


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