The Front Porch

Being the sweet southern belle that I am (well, I'm actually from Florida, which isn't really considered the south, but hubby is a true southern boy from Memphis, so I married into it), we do a lot of front porch sittin'.  This page is dedicated to all things front porch, from summer nights sitting in the rocking chairs to Christmas lights around the columns.  It's one of my favorite spaces in a traditional southern home.  I believe it's the first impression of your home.

So grab some sweet tea (or hot cocoa), and relax!


  1. I love those huge front porches in the South.

  2. Hi Jamie. My husband and I are true southerners(born, bred and raised in NC). I immediately connected with your description of being a Christian,wife,mommy and "aspiring" hanging plants on your front porch are dramatic and I love that...I love the combination of tradition with a little something extra...I was wondering...are those petunias on top of your ferns?? me out cause it's gorgeous AND inspiring...thanks and may God continue to keep his hand on your home and who dwell within it.

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